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  • The world's largest crimping machine up to 1200 ton

  • New Finn-Power P32NMS is strong, fast and reliable crimper for any service crimping need. This model turn hydraulics off to conserve energy and to reduce workplace noise levels whenever the machine is idle. Innovative engineering provides quality and productivity while the new design protects the machine when operating in the toughest environments. The compact new design allows easy transport between any locations. Ease of use invites operators to partner with the machine to produce high quality crimps day after day.

  • The Finn-Power 120-series crimpers now come in the Compact model, which saves floor space. With their flat face™ the 120-series is great for 0-45-90 fittings. Standard items like a mirror and electrical backstop make high volume production easier. In automated environments, the Auto Grease and A3 signal make them well suited to crimp around the clock.

  • Finn-Power Machines are utilized in many applications across many industries, including Hydraulic Hoses, Automotive Components, Construction Equipments, Aerospace, Cable and Wire, Tube and Pipe, and many other area.

  • Nut Crimping Application

  • Finn-Power presents its latest product EF200 expansion machine. This machine is an excellent addition to Lillbacka's selection of high-quality machines. EF200 is perfect for expanding hoses and pipes from 120 mm (4 23/32 inch) to 200 mm (7 7/8 inch) wide.

  • Finn-Power ICC control is a modern user interface with icons, a selector and a clear, visual display of all crimping parameters. ICC control has an exact and logical navigation.

  • The Graphical Quality Montior (ICC4) is a unique system which monitors the whole crimping and reports the crimping results, automoatically, in real-time. The system detects the smallest problems in production and takes action, it decrease customer complaints significantly and it makes the operator a better operator.

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